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5435 N Garland Ave #125, Garland, TX 75040
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All About Choice Dental Associates in Garland

Attentive, Advanced, Affordable

Choice Dental Associates truly cares about our Garland friends and neighbors – as whole people, not just teeth. In fact, people and their smiles are our passion! And because we care so much, we make sure each experience folks have in our Garland dental office is as perfect as possible.

Attentive, personalized care. Advanced treatment options. Affordable excellence. Our patients love it. And we think you will too!

All Your Smile Dreams Come True

If you could design your ideal dental experience at your ideal Garland dental office, what would it be like? Would:

  • Everything be refreshingly clean and bright with the most advanced sterilization system available?
  • You feel confident knowing you would never be judged or questioned but informed and educated instead?
  • You relax knowing that any pain and anxiety you might have can be quickly and easily eased?
  • Pampering be such an integral part of each visit that it felt more like a spa instead of a dental office?
  • Entertainment options and choices always be available to keep you distracted during treatments?
  • A treatment plan be developed with your input so you know exactly what is happening in your mouth and what your options are to get healthy?
  • Your smile team treat you the way they would treat a member of their own family?
  • All the dental technology be up-to-date for easier and more effective treatments?
  • The location and hours be super-convenient – even for working families?

If so, you just designed a visit to Choice Dental Associates!

So Many Benefits

We designed the practice to accommodate all our patients and provide the highest quality of dental care with benefits, such as :

  • A clean, comfortable, cheerful atmosphere
  • Advanced, high-quality dentistry
  • Unparalleled comfort and relaxation
  • Individualized care and patient education
  • A focus on prevention and long-term health
  • Excellence that is also affordable

And guess what! We have all that and more. We promise!

A Hand-Picked Team

Dr. Campbell and Dr. Stegall partnered to build a team who will be able to assist patients understand every detail about your visit, treatment plan, and financing options. Every staff member of Choice Dental Associates is completely dedicated to the best in dentistry. It’s what Dr. Travis Campbell, our founder, and Dr. Daniel Stegall, your neighborhood dental specialist, demand from their staff – and themselves!


Who doesn’t need life to be more convenient? We know we do! Life is busy and if things are hard to get to or you always have to take time off from work or school to schedule an appointment, well, we might not keep it. That’s a major problem when it comes to the health of your smile. To keep your teeth and gums in their best health, you really do need regular professional cleanings and checkups. Why not let Choice Dental Associates become your favorite Garland dental office? Not only are we located on N. Garland Ave. and accessible via all major roads, also offer morning and Saturday appointments! What could be better than that?